Leadership drives results. When a leader is effective they manage to inspire their team which can help increase everyone’s performance and motivation to reach goals. By creating an environment where people feel heard, respected, and engaged great things can happen. 


If leadership is poor, often times there is a negative effect on employees. No one wants to feel undervalued because their boss fails to acknowledge their work. Additionally, no one wants to feel as though their opinions about their work are not wanted by management. When a leader appreciates the relationship between personal value and the bottom line there is a positive effect on the organization. Employees will work better when they feel engaged with the business which leads to not only better retention rates but higher productivity as well. 


Here are three tips on improving leadership effectiveness.


Get to Know Employees
It sounds simple, however it is uncommon for employers to spend time actually getting to know their employees. It’s important that within a team the leader can recognize what motivates each individual. When people are understood it’s easier to assign them tasks and be on the same page about common goals and work details. 


Give and Receive Feedback

Not only should there be clear communication to support everyone’s performance and development, but employees should be comfortable enough to tell the boss if their way isn’t working and be able to suggest a different strategy that will. Leaders have to delegate. An effective leader will have trust in those that they’ve delegated work to and will refrain from micromanaging. Furthermore, being open to ideas and opinions creates an environment where the team can function at a much higher level.


Reward Strong Performance
Instead of realizing that an individual is a strong employee and assigning them more work, take the time to acknowledge their contributions. A common factor of burnout is employees who feel like they carry their team without any appreciation from management, which leads to people feeling like they are being taken advantage of. Reward strong performances and spend time communicating to individuals what their part is in driving the success of the organization forward. If there are performance issues with a team member deal with the problem proactively.


These three tips are incredibly simple, however, many great leaders will forget their value and disconnect with their intentions. As time goes on it can be difficult to maintain the same levels of commitment to strong leadership behaviors. However, positive results are always in part, due to the effectiveness of leadership.