The India Fintech forum representing Fintech companies in India recently did research. It noted over twenty countries that have sent more than 600 applications to qualify for India Fintech Awards in the fifth edition.

The India Fintech forum offers other Fintech companies an opportunity to voice their opinions on innovations in various diversity like cryptocurrency, banking infrastructure, payments, digital identity, and artificial intelligence.

After IFTA allowing various Fintech companies to air out their opinion on several innovations, it listed several companies as notable Fintech startups. The notable international Fintech startups include:


Bambu is a B2B Fintech Company in Singapore that innovates technology in the financial sector. The platform helps clients to invest and save cash for future use. Bambu is planning on making the platform knowledgeable in every piece to help people spend a managed amount of money.

AssetVault (United Kingdom)

This Fintech company in the United Kingdom provides financial and digital legal products like e Trusts, insurance referrals, and Willis. This helps financial institutions in managing existing clients and acquiring new ones.


The Fintech company helps financial institutions fund clients who have no credit history using a global configurable system, which allows the loan application journey of a borrower.


A banking and payment tech company based in Bangalore, India. Financed by PayPal and sponsored by Y Combinator, an investor in Silicon Valley.

DriveWealth (United States of America)

DriveWealth is a financial Fintech company pioneering fractional investing, API-driven brokerage, and fixed finance. The Fintech company also fractionalize US fairness with their built patent-pending technology. They were the first Fintech company to receive a license in 2005.


It is a data analytic Fintech platform in India that renders essential learning tools across private companies’ digital footprints to give a real-time insight into their competitors, customers, and vendors to make remarkable business decisions. That will help to prevent revenue increases and leakage.


It’s one of the fastest-growing digital lending Fintech company in India. Their target is the multi-billion dollars in the Indian Gap of small businesses, short term access to credit for the small businesses in the city, and urban setting and delivery flexibility.


Flow is one of the credits and financial management company. They are transforming business as they ensure customer finances’ security with their ethical practices and AL techs.