We’ve been in a global crisis for several months now, and many people are still working from home while restrictions fluctuate from strict to easing. Working from home sets a disconnect between yourself and your employees, making it harder to encourage employee development due to the distance. However, you can’t just give up on that; not only will employee development connect everyone, but it will also give them something to learn about during their free time and let them focus on that rather than stress. 


Here are a few ways to encourage development in your employees while working from home.




The first thing necessary to learning anything is having the time to do so. With a boatload of work (or the opposite) to do at home among many distractions, setting aside time to do some learning will connect everyone and create a learning routine for everyone to work by. Over a few weeks or months, set 10-15 minutes aside a day to work on and expand your capabilities. Likewise, without a commute to worry about, you can take that time and replace it with opportunities to grow and expand.




Not only do you need to find the time to work on development, but you also need to find the focus to do so. That can be difficult to do when you’re working from home because, unlike at an office, there’s a number of otherwise unaccounted distractions. What do you need to be effective for the duration of working at home? What knowledge, skills, or abilities will you need to know to be prepared for your ultimate return to the office? Be intentional when answering these questions and set to work.




Once you have the time and focus to dive into your employee development, you’ll need to find resources to help you do so. This will be a DIY approach to crafting a development plan, but everyone has an idea of what works for them. You can create a learning playlist of music, podcasts, videos, webinars, and more to watch or listen to during your downtime. You could reach out to your peers and ask for some feedback on the information you’ve gathered and the skills you’ve learned. You can find a list of books that highlight what you want to develop and crack them open, taking notes and highlighting important passages to further your understanding. 


No matter the resources you use, having them will make learning that much easier.